Traffic Safety Unit


The Traffic Safety Unit (TSU), which was created in 1990, is comprised of Lieutenant Grage, Sergeant Menolascino, Officer P. Rojas, and Officer Stern. The duties of TSU go beyond general traffic enforcement. Officers in TSU do child safety seat inspections, give presentations at local high schools, participate in various traffic related fairs, educate senior citizens on traffic laws, monitor complaints of school bus stop arm violations, enforce school speed zone violations, enforce impaired driving violations, and participate in serious traffic crash investigations.
Officer P. Rojas is primarily responsible for conducting daytime traffic enforcement in areas with high numbers of traffic crashes. Officer Stern is a Drug Recognition Expert and uses this training to enforce impaired driving violations in addition to conducting evening traffic enforcement in areas with high numbers of traffic crashes. Both officers focus strongly on enforcing speed violations, seatbelt violations, and cell phone violations in addition to other acts described as aggressive driving. These violations lead to more traffic crashes with greater injuries.
Sergeant Menolascino is currently responsible for conducting commercial motor vehicle enforcement. Overweight commercial vehicles are not safe and also cause damage to state and local roadways creating additional infrastructure costs ultimately paid for by the public. The damaged roads also contribute to traffic crashes. The Lombard Police Department seeks to enhance the safety of the roadways and minimize damage done to them by taking an aggressive stance with commercial motor vehicle enforcement. Sergeant Menolascino is also responsible for issuing permits for overweight and/or oversize commercial motor vehicle and ensuring compliance with these permits.
All TSU members drive unmarked patrol vehicles. The goal of this program is to apprehend people who are not driving safely in order to educate them and change their driving behavior in an effort to reduce crashes, thereby making the roads safer.
An annual traffic crash report can be found here.