Traffic Safety Unit

The Traffic Safety Unit, which began in 1990, is comprised of Sergeant Grage,Officers Latronica, Krupiczowicz, and Bichel. The Traffic Safety Unit’s duties go far beyond usual enforcement. They include child safety seat inspections, Operation Lifesaver (railroad safety), traffic safety presentations to high school students, school bus stop arm violation complaints, school speed zone enforcement, aggressive driving enforcement and serious traffic crash investigation.

Officers Krupiczowicz and Bichel are responsible for conducting enforcement in areas with high numbers of traffic crashes. The majority of the Village’s problem areas are on State routes. A quarterly and annual traffic crash report can be found by clicking on either links.

Officers Latronica is responsible for conducting commercial motor vehicle enforcement. Commercial motor vehicles that are overweight are unsafe. They also cause damage to state and local roadways-a cost eventually paid by the public. These damaged roadways can also contribute to traffic crashes as well. The Lombard Police Department seeks to enhance the safety of roadways and minimize the damage done to them by taking an aggressive stance with commercial motor vehicle enforcement. Officer Latronica is also responsible for issuing permits for overweight and/or oversize commercial motor vehicles and ensuring compliance with these permits.

All traffic officers participate in aggressive driving enforcement, which focuses on aggressive driving behavior. Officers performing aggressive driving enforcement use unmarked patrol vehicles. The goal of this program is to catch persons driving aggressively who are performing multiple violations.