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Posted on: June 1, 2015

Terrace View Pond Project Shows Positive Results with Village’s Commitment

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The Village of Lombard remains committed to the long term functional and aesthetic value of Terrace View Pond.

The Terrace View Pond Project was principally designed to mitigate the amount of localized flooding north of the pond. As a condition of the Park District’s approval to utilize Terrace View Pond for improved storm water management, the Village assumed responsibility for the maintenance of the pond and the perimeter wetland.

The project, which was completed in the late fall of 2014, consisted of the installation of a new pump station on the southwest side of the pond, construction of twin relief storm sewers on the north side of the pond and the placing of coir fiber logs along the edge of the pond. The goal of adding the pump station, twin storm sewers and lowering the pond was to reduce flooding in the residential area north of the pond. The pump station has effectively maintained a lower regulated water surface level which has resulted in an additional 13 acre-feet (approximately 4,236,000 gallons) of storm water storage within the pond.

New native vegetation was planted along the exposed bank. The coir fiber logs were installed to help prevent erosion while these plants establish their roots. While providing this benefit, the second objective of the project was to maintain the aesthetics and recreational value of the pond. The Village of Lombard continues to stay vigilant in maintaining the integrity of the ponds health. The Village is required by the wetlands permit issued by DuPage County to establish a monitoring and maintenance program for a period of between 3 to 5 years. This requirement is due to the ponds classification as regulatory wetland. The Village has retained the consulting firm of Baxter and Woodman to oversee the yearly inspections and reporting requirements imposed by the permit. To improve the health of the pond, the Village has added eight bubblers in northern and southern locations within the pond, which transfer oxygen to the body of water.

In an effort to improve the water surface and vegetated perimeter of the pond, the Village has committed the following resources. The Village has retained the services of Rollins Aquatic Solutions to perform specialized aquatic plant management to control plant growth. Rollins will make regular visits to the pond to inspect the general water quality and to treat algae, along with floating and submerged weeds. The Village also awarded a contract to ENCAP Incorporated for the vegetation management of the pond perimeter. ENCAP will oversee the removal of invasive plant species and assist the Village with a controlled burn of the perimeter plantings to ensure a healthy mix of plants. In early June, ENCAP forces along with staff from the Village’s Forestry Division will begin to remove undesirable woody species (a woody plant is a plant that produces wood as its structural tissue). During the late spring thru the early fall ENCAP and Public Works will do three spot mowings and applications of herbicides to remove invasive and objectionable species of plants. In the late fall ENCAP and Village forces will perform a prescribed controlled burn. The purpose of the burn is to maintain the health of the native plants. The fire helps manage weeds and other growth and can help restore nutrients to lead to more desirable plant growth in the future.

With the Village’s continued commitment, there will be significant long term improvements to the water surface and the quality of the perimeter wetlands. The Village remains dedicated to this project’s long term success. For additional information, call the Public Works Department at (630) 620-5740.

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