The Lombard Police Department strives to keep Lombard a safe and secure community through a dedicated and professional patrol force as well as establishing partnerships with the community to prevent crime and promote community safety. 

We recognize our obligation to protect constitutional rights, solve problems, plan for the future and provide leadership to reduce crime. 

The goal of every member of the police department must be to provide the best police services available to the citizens of Lombard

Employee Directory


The Lombard Police Department's vision is to be a police department that is staffed by highly trained professionals with access to the latest technology and up-to-date equipment. The police department will maintain highly rated quality of service through community policing, problem solving techniques and continually increasing efficiency of operation.

Chain of Command

Chief of Police
Deputy Chief 

Deputy Chief

Roy Newton

Tom Wirsing


Patrol Officers

  • 3 Lieutenants
  • 6 Sergeants
  • 42 Patrol Officers
  • 6 Community Service Officers

Traffic Unit

  • 3 Patrol Officers


  • 1 Lieutenant
  • 1 Sergeant
  • 9 Detectives/Juvenile Officers
  • 1 Detective/School Resource Officer
  • 1 Administrative Secretary

Front Desk

  • 3 Full-time Clerks
  • 3 Part-time Clerks

Planning Analysis/Training

  • 1 Part-time Civilian


  • 1 Civilian Records Supervisor 
  • 1 Property Clerk
  • 2 Full-time Clerks
  • 6 Part-time Clerks


  • 1 Administrative Assistant to the Chief
  • 1 Part-time Administrative Secretary