Golf Social development/Hoffmann 600 Lombard

Golf Social Rendering 2020 (JPG)The Village approved plans for a redevelopment of 27-acres at 610-690 E Butterfield Road, Lombard.  The property was formally the Northern Baptist Theological Seminary.  A Plan Commission public hearing on October 19th continued the petition to November 2nd.  On November 2nd the Plan Commission voted to recommend all five petitions for approval to the Village Board. 

The Village Board approved the zoning actions on January 7 and January 21, 2021.  An incentive agreement was approved on  April 1, 2021.

Oct 19 Plan Commission presentation

Project Overview
Video (from the developer) - the video gives a visual overall of the proposed site design and buildings
Workshop Memo and Powerpoint - these materials were part of a workshop session with the Plan Commission.  No votes were taken, as the workshop was for discussion only. 

Lot 1: gas station, car wash, retail
Lot 2: Golf Social and Moretti's
Lot 3: parking
Lot 4: future residential
Lot 5: existing wetland (to remain)
Lot 6: private roadway
Lot 7: Village water tower

Site plan
Illustrative Landscape Plan
Landscape Plan
Tree Replacement Plan
Architectural Plan
Signage Plan
Golf Social signage
Traffic Report
Westin Parking Report

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