Village Code of Ordinances

(updated through January 31, 2017)

Ordinances Approved Awaiting Codification

The Code of Ordinances above include approved and enacted legislation through January 31, 2017 with the exception or Ordinance 7292.  The Ordinances listed below have been approved, published and enacted but not yet incorporated online.   

 Legislation Date Approved Description
Ordinance 7292 11/3/16 Amending Title 7, Chapter 75, Section 75.06 relative to the seizure and impoundment of motor vehicles

Legal Disclaimer

The Village of Lombard Code of Ordinances, as set forth on this website, has been updated through Ordinance No. 7325, approved on January 19, 2017.  Although every attempt has been made to accurately set forth the Code of Ordinances as they appear in printed form, minor typographical errors may not have been corrected. As such, if you should have any questions or concerns about the accuracy of said Code of Ordinances, or wish to inquire as to whether a particular provision of said Code of Ordinances has been revised subsequent to January 31, 2017 please contact Janet Downer, Business Administrator at (630) 620-5913 or e-mail at
Amending Title 11, Chapter 112, Section 112.18(B) providing for the sale and consumption of alcohol in connection with a temporary event at 11 and 16 S Park and 101 W St. Charles Road on October 20, 2016.