Private Engineering

Private Engineering Services

The Private Engineering Services Division provides engineering services associated with all private development. The Division is responsible for the administration and implementation of engineering regulations in the Village’s Code of Ordinances, Standard Specifications Manual, and guidance to reduce residential flooding are accomplished through plan reviews, building permits, and site inspections. Private Engineering Services helps with private property flooding issues.  If you have a private property flooding or standing water issue please submit a request online for Code Enforcement. Please direct public property flooding concerns to Public Works.

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  1. Brian Witkowski

    Private Development Engineer
    Phone: (630) 620-5972

  1. Specifications Manual
  2. Yard Flooding
  3. Basement Flooding
  4. Overland Flooding Into House

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Individual Files by Chapter

Chapter 100 - Engineering & Admin Procedures

Chapter 200 - Storm Sewer

Chapter 200 - Storm Sewer DWG & PDF Files
DWG FilesAdobe PDF
(1) Manhole Type A (1) Manhole Type A PDF
(2) Inlet Type A(2) Inlet Type A PDF
(3) Catch Basin Type A(3) Catch Basin Type A PDF 
(4) Catch Basin Type C(4) Catch Basin Type C PDF
(5) Tee Manhole(5) Tee Manhole PDF
(5A) Tee Manhole (Cont.)(5A) Tee Manhole PDF
(6A) Connection Box for Manhole(6A) Connection Box for Manhole PDF
(6B) Connection Box for Manhole (Cont.)(6B) Connection Box for Manhole (Cont.) PDF 
(6C) Connection Box for Manhole (Cont.)
(6C) Connection Box for Manhole (Cont.) PDF
(7) Rim Adjustments Paved Area
(7) Rim Adjustments Paved Area PDF
(8) Rim Adjustments in Curb Line
(8) Rim Adjustments in Curb Line PDF
(9) Drain Tile Connection
(9) Drain Tile Connection PDF
(10) Sump Pump Connection
(10) Sump Pump Connection PDF
(10A) Sump Pump Connection (Cont.)
(10A) Sump Pump Connection (Cont.) PDF
(11) Trench Section
(11) Trench Section PDF
(11A) Trench Section (Cont.)
(11A) Trench Section (Cont.) PDF
(12) Grate Box Inlet
(12) Grate Box Inlet PDF
(13) Manhole Step
(13) Manhole Step PDF
(14) Open Lid Sediment Protection
(14) Open Lid Sediment Protection PDF
(15) Silt Fence
(15) Silt Fence PDF
(16) Retaining Wall
(16) Retaining Wall PDF
(16A) Retaining Wall Detail
(16A) Retaining Wall Detail PDF
(17) Fence Detail
(17) Fence Detail PDF
(18) Drywell Detail (18) Drywell Detail PDF
(19) Storm Sewer Restrictor
(19) Storm Sewer Restrictor PDF                           
(20) Swale
(20) Swale Construction PDF

Chapter 300 - Sanitary Sewer

DWG Files      Adobe PDF
(1) Manhole(1) Manhole PDF                                
(2) Drop Connection to Manhole(2) Drop Connection to Manhole PDF
(2A) Interior Drop                          (2A) Interior Drop PDF
(3) Manhole Frame & Cover(3) Manhole Frame & Cover PDF
(4) Service Lateral Riser With Clean-Out                   (4) Service Lateral Riser With Clean-Out PDF
(4A) Service Lateral Riser With Clean-Out (Cont.)(4A) Service Lateral Riser With Clean-Out (Cont.) PDF
(5) Trench Section(5) Trench Section PDF
(5A) Trench Section (Cont.)(5A) Trench Section (Cont.) PDF
(6) Cone & Chimney(6) Cone & Chimney PDF
(7) Casing (7) Casing PDF 
(8) Corring Boot(8) Corring Boot

Chapter 400 - Water Distribution System

DWG File    Adobe PDF
(1) Service Connection(1) Service Connection PDF
(2) Hydrant Setting(2) Hydrant Setting PDF
(3) Valve Box Installation(3) Valve Box Installation PDF
(4) Valve Vault(4) Valve Vault PDF 
(5) Valve Vault Frame & Cover(5) Valve Vault Frame & Cover PDF
(6) Thrust Block Installation(6) Thrust Block Installation PDF
(7) Trench Section(7) Trench Section PDF
(8) Water & Sewer Separation(8) Water & Sewer Separation PDF
(9) Concrete Saddle Support(9) Concrete Saddle Support PDF
(10) Pressure Connection(10) Pressure Connection PDF
(11) B-Box Encasement(11) B-Box Encasement
(12) Water Service with Hydrant(12) Water Service with Hydrant PDF
(13) Water Service without Hydrant(13) Water Service without Hydrant PDF

Chapter 500 - Pavement

Table of Contents

Chapter 500 

Drawing List

DWG FileAdobe PDF                     
(1) Cul-De-Sac(1) Cul De Sac PDF
(2) Sidewalk Cross-Section(2) Sidewalk Cross Section PDF
(3A) Handicap Ramp(3A) Handicap Ramp PDF
(3B) Handicap Ramp (Cont.)(3B) Handicap Ramp (Cont.) PDF
(4) Sidewalk Plan View(4) Sidewalk Plan View PDF
(5) Pavement Cross-Section(5) Pavement Cross-Section PDF
(6) Residential Driveway Apron(6) Residential Driveway Apron PDF
(7) Commercial Driveway Apron
(7) Commercial Driveway Apron PDF
(8) Curb & Gutter(8) Curb & Gutter PDF
(9) Curb Inlet(9) Curb Inlet PDF
(10) Rigid Pavement Utility Trench(10) Rigid Pavement Utility Trench PDF
(11) Flexible Pavement Utility Trench(11) Flexible Pavement Utility Trench PDF
(12) Pavement Butt Joint(12) Pavement Butt Joint PDF
(13) Parking Lot Pavement(13) Parking Lot Pavement PDF
(14) Handicap Parking Stall
(14) Handicap Parking Stall PDF
(15) Driveway Curb Edge(15) Driveway Curb Edge PDF
(16) HMA Path(16) HMA Path PDF
(17) HMA Path Near Curb and Gutter(17) HMA Path Near Curb and Gutter

Chapter 600 - Street Lighting

Chapter 600 DWG File     Chapter 600 Adobe PDF          
(1) Lighting Foundation1 Lighting Foundation 1 PDF 
(2) Lighting Foundation 2Lighting Foundation 2 PDF

Chapter 700 - Record Drawings

Chapter 800 - Erosion & Sediment Control

Chapter 800 DWG File     
Chapter 800 PDF File