Residential Flooding

Types of Flooding
Yard Flooding
Causes Solutions
Drainage has been blocked. Remove blockage (i.e., fence or landscaping)
Yard is flat with minor ponding (< 3 days). Install a drain tile, swale or dry well.
Yard is low with major ponding (> 3 days). Install a yard drain or swale.
Yard is in a floodplain. Regrade yard but maintain a floodplain storage.

Basement Flooding

Causes Solutions
Cracks in the floor and/or walls.                Install sump pump and stop or control seepage.
Water flowing in from sump pit. Upsize or add another sump pump.
Power loss. Install a battery backup pump.
Floor drain backup. Clean sewer and install backflow prevention.

Overland Flooding Into House

Causes Solutions
Windows or doors below floodplain elevation. Construct floodwalls/berms or raise house.
Inadequate local drainage around house. Install a yard drain or improve swales.
Drainage is blocked. Remove blockage (i.e., landscaping).

Permits and Assistance
Building permits are required for all construction activities and can be obtained from the Building Division at 630-620-5750. Technical assistance is available from the Village's Private Engineering Services Division at 630-620-5973.

Alternative Options Available for Sandbags

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