The Village of Lombard offers several reimbursement programs which benefit homeowners and businesses. Please select an option below for more information.

Applications are best submitted online, or by email if an online option is not provided. Otherwise, they may be placed in the white drop box in front of the Village Hall (next to the postal box) or delivered in person during office hours. Online and email are preferred to enable the quickest response.  Note that a delay of up to a few days may be incurred for paper submittals depending on in-office staff availability.

  1. Backyard Drainage
  2. Rain Barrel
  3. Compost Bin
  4. Local Tourism Grant
  5. Clear Water Disconnect
  6. Downtown Grant
  7. Lead Water Line Replacement
  8. Overhead Sewer
  9. Sandbag Materials

The Backyard Drainage Reimbursement Program was created to help residents who experience severe yard flooding. 

This program is available to homeowners that experience flooding on their private property that remains for 72 hours or longer and which effects at least two contiguous properties. 

Through this program the Village will reimburse residents for 50% of the cost, up to a maximum of $5,000 to install a backyard drainage system.   

Questions or applications can be directed to the Community Development Department via email or call (630) 620-5750.