Snow Plowing

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This page is dedicated to the Village's Snow Plowing procedure, snow removal, and Village related issues that arise during snowfall. Here are some additional informational resources that are useful for residents:

The following are excerpts from the Village’s Snow Plan that may interest the general public.  See "Types of Snow" for estimated time of snow plowing completion.

Village Public Works Snow and Ice Control Program
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It is the goal of the Public Works Department to provide a snow and ice control program that is prioritized as follows:
  • Maintain accessibility to all streets in the Village for emergency vehicles. Accessibility is defined as snow depths not sufficient to prevent drivability by emergency vehicles when said vehicles are properly operated.
  • Maintain major street drivability for the general public.
  • Maintain minor street drivability for residents
  • Provide normal driving conditions for all major streets
  • Provide commuter parking facilities and public building accessibility
  • Provide clear corners within a 2 block radius of all schools to increase visibility for both drivers and school children walking to and from school
  • To accomplish this carry plowed snow past all cross walks instead of pushing snow against corners
  • Provide normal driving conditions for all minor streets
  • Provide vehicle access to private garages located off alleys, providing there are not cars in the way and the plows can get through
  • Remove snow in areas plowed to middle of road
  • Push back corners in plow zones.
Major streets are defined as:
North of Roosevelt Road
South of Roosevelt Road
Main- Roosevelt Rd to North Ave
Highland- North of Roosevelt to Butterfield Rd
St Charles Rd- West of Route 53 to Addison
Main- Roosevelt to Janata
Westmore- Roosevelt Rd to Division (North of St. Charles Rd)
Finley- Roosevelt to Village Limits - South of Eisenhower Ln
Park- Maple to Parkside, St Charles to Greenfield
22nd Street- Finley Rd to Fairview
Madison- Finley to Addison
Eisenhower Ln- Finley Loop Back to Finley
Finley Rd- Roosevelt Rd to Crescent Blvd
Grace- South of 22nd (Entrance to Yorktown)
Wilson- Finley to Westmore Ave
Janata- Main to Highland
Maple- Finley to Addison

Grace- Central to Sidney (North of North Ave)

Parkside- Elizabeth to Grace

Crescent Blvd- St Charles Rd to Forest Preserve

Sunset- West Road to Westwood

Washington- Main to Addison

Special Considerations

Types of Snow

The Public Works Departments’ snow removal goals are based on complete removal within a time period after the snow stops. The Department goal is to complete snow plowing within ten (10 hours) after the snow stops for all snows of less than eight (8) inches. An eight (8) inch snow could fall in two (2) hours, making the total time twelve (12) hours; or the snow could take twenty-four (24) hours to fall, making the total time (34) hours. Because intensity, duration, temperature and consistency of snow vary, it is virtually impossible to lay out all of the possible combinations in an overall plan.

“Curbing” is the process of moving remnant snow from the curb area. The purpose of curbing is to provide a normal-width driving lane and to clean the drainage way before snow begins to melt. This operation is usually performed after the lanes have been opened and may occur on the 2nd or 3rd day following a storm depending on storm severity and staff availability.

Parking Lots and On-Street Parking Areas
While the Public Works Department recognizes the importance of cleaning parking lots and on-street parking areas, it is often impossible to plow lots during daily business hours. Cars parked in lots will normally prevent plowing until after 10:00 p.m. Please note, parking is prohibited in municipal parking lots (commuter lots) between the hours of 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. after one inch (1") of snow has accumulated.

Village Complex Roadways and Parking Lots
Village facilities (Civic Center, lift stations, wells, etc.) are maintained by Public Works.

Windrowing and Contracted Hauling
Certain major streets in the Central Business District are not conducive to plowing off to the side of the road due to insufficient right-of-way. As a result, the Public Works Department will plow the snow to the middle of the road (windrow it). The windrow will be removed with a snow blower and hauled to an off-site location, unless the windrow is small and can be removed by dispersing and salt application. The operation will be completed prior to the next day unless unforeseen circumstances arise such as extended snowfall and insufficient rest for snow crews. The snow blowing operation normally begins at 10:00 pm and concludes by 6:00 am the next day. For public safety reasons the Public Works Department will close down the entire street to all traffic during the windrow removal operation.

Snow is windrowed in three areas:
 - St. Charles Road from Elizabeth Street East to Garfield.
 - Main Street from Grove Street South to Washington Boulevard.
 - Westmore Avenue from Division Street to Maple Avenue.

Windrowing occurs on Main Street and St. Charles Road when plowing any snow. On Westmore Avenue windrowing begins only after five (5) or more inches of snow is forecasted with rapid accumulation.

No Parking Enforcement
In order for the Public Works Department to plow streets efficiently, it is critical that parking be prohibited on streets. It is also critical that such parking prohibitions be rigidly enforced.
At the present time, Section 10-13-12 of the Village Traffic Code prohibits parking on all streets during snow removal operations.

Parking Limited During Snow Removal, "Section 10-13-12"
It shall be unlawful to park any vehicle for a period of time longer than three minutes for loading and unloading of passengers or thirty minutes for loading and unloading of property on any street at any time after snow begins to fall and for a period of eight hours after snow ceases to fall, if the snow on the street exceeds one inch (1”) in depth, as determined by the Director of Public Works or his representative, and for such added period of time, if necessary, to complete snow removal operations on any such street(s).

The Director of Public Works, or his representative, shall immediately notify the media and Police Department when he determines that snow on any street within the Village limits exceeds one inch (1”) in depth.

Any person, firm or corporation violating the provisions of this Section shall be fined not less than twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for each offense.

The Police Department shall be requested to make every effort to strictly enforce the above Section.

Private Snow Plowers
The depositing of snow from private property onto the streets or the stacking of snow from private property onto a public street, driveway, sidewalk or alley is strictly prohibited. See Village Traffic Code, Section 10-14-16. Such action is also prohibited for commercial/institutional properties per 625 ILCS 5/9-130 (Illinois State Compiled Statutes).

       Section 10-14-16. Obstructions prohibited on public ways.
It shall be unlawful for any person to place or cause to be placed in or upon any public alley, roadway, street, driveway or sidewalk any dirt, snow, refuse or other obstruction of any kind, or to permit the same to remain thereon longer than is necessary to remove such obstruction to or from the premises abutting on such public way.

     605 ILCS 5/9-130
Sec. 9-130. No person, firm, corporation or institution, public or private, shall plow or remove or cause to be plowed or removed ice or snow from any shopping center, parking lot, commercial or institutional service area or driveway or any other public or private service area or driveway and deposit such ice or snow upon a public highway or along the shoulder or edge of a public highway. Such prohibition shall not pertain to a residential driveway or sidewalk.
Any person, firm, corporation or institution, public or private, who violates this Section is guilty of a petty offense. (Source P.A. 83-1362)

The Police Department shall be requested to make every effort to strictly enforce the above Section.

The Village is contracted for the clearing of 19 locations which totals 2.64 miles.  To see a complete list of sidewalk locations click here.

Private Driveways and Sidewalks
Cleaning snow off private driveways and sidewalks is the responsibility of the home owner, business owner or renter. Only when an extreme emergency or hardship exists will the Village become involved in cleaning snow off private drives or walks.

Structural Mailboxes Forbidden
A “structural” mailbox is one constructed of stone and/or masonry and they constitute a dangerous situation for Lombard snow plow drivers.

Standard “breakaway” mailboxes are minor hazards notwithstanding several dozen “knockdowns” every year. Structural mailboxes are hazardous to drivers, bystanders and plowing equipment when aggressive “curbing” is attempted. Public Works has successfully ordered the removal of these mailboxes from the parkway.

Village Code of Ordinances and Village Traffic Code prohibit “encumbrances” and “obstructions”. June 21, 2002, the Board of Trustees adopted Ordinance 5146 which prohibits structural mailboxes.