Parkway Trees

Parkway trees are planted and maintained by the Public Works Department’s Forestry Division. Currently, this Division maintains a tree population of over 18,829 trees which encompass 85 different species. Duties include installation, mulching, trimming, problem diagnosis, and removal of trees in the Village right-of-way. The Division monitors the street tree population utilizing a computerized inventory system that tracks information regarding every parkway tree within the Village including: location, species, size, condition, work history and management needs. This system contains a formula that calculates the dollar value of the tree based upon species, size and condition. The current total value of the Village's parkway trees is $39,986,325.

The inventory also provides information on all open spaces throughout the Village for future plantings. Planting occurs biannually in the spring and fall. Trimming begins when the trees are young to establish crown height and develop good branching structure. Small trees are trimmed approximately every three years until the tree reaches 6" in diameter. Trees greater than 6" are trimmed every six years to ensure tree health and public safety. Minimum clearance height for street trees is 14 feet. This avoids irreparable damage to the tree caused by vehicles.

If you are reporting an entire tree down or branches down that are blocking the street or sidewalk, please contact the Public Works Department at (630) 620-5740.

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