Code Enforcement

Waste Management service is continuing uninterrupted. However, there are a couple temporary changes in the interest of worker safety and continuity of operations that residents should be aware of.

  1. Additional curbside items will only be collected if less than 50-lbs each that are easily handled by one worker. Larger/heavier items should not be put out until further notice.
  2. The residential call center is transitioning employees to work from home. If you are unable to reach them at 800-796-9696, visit, and sign up for alerts at, or send an email to The Village may also relay service matters to route managers via a form at


The Code Enforcement Division provides for activities associated with enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance, Sign Ordinance and applicable sections of the Municipal Code dealing with nuisance control including:

  • Garbage cans out beyond pickup day
  • Grass/weeds over 8 inches
  • Inactive vehicles
  • Items in parkway
  • Litter
  • Parking on grass
  • Uncovered garbage cans/dumpsters
  • Vegetation from private property blocking sidewalk

They also enforce the International Property Maintenance Code (PDF) for matters such as fences in disrepair, buildings in disrepair (i.e. rotted wood or peeling paint), broken windows, and interior maintenance issues.

Learn more about the DuPage County Rehab Program (PDF).

To open a Code Enforcement request, please go to our CitizenServe Portal   or call 630-620-5757.  Examples include tall grass, work without a permit, litter, fences or buildings in disrepair, and private property flooding.

Sump Pumps

Those who have sump pumps draining toward the front yard are reminded to switch the drainage to the rear yard for the winter months to prevent icing of the sidewalks. Village code does require those having any surface water drainage mechanisms or conduits onto a sidewalk or street to take action to prevent icing.

Code Enforcement Quick Reference

FencesPermits are required for all fences to ensure that the homeowner is aware of all requirements prior to purchasing the fence. For more information, read Section 155.205 (A)(5) of the Village Code.
Grass/Weeds over 8 inches in heightThe ordinance requires grass/weeds to be kept below eight inches throughout the growing season. For more information, read Section 92.31 of the Village Code.
Inactive vehiclesThe ordinance requires that any vehicle which is not street ready, including current plates, must be garaged. For more information, read Section 94.04 (F) (I) of the Village Code.
Items on parkwayItems for scavenger pickup are permitted on the parkway only within 12 hours of scheduled service. Emptied containers must be removed within 12 hours. For more information, read Section 94.05 (A) of the Village Code.
LitteringThe ordinance requires all litter including landscape waste, garbage, and debris to be properly disposed of within seven days. For more information, read Section 94.04 (I) of the Village Code.
Parking on grassThe ordinance requires all vehicles including boats and trailers to be parked on concrete or asphalt. For more information, read Section 94.05 (J) of the Village Code.
Political Campaign Signs

For residential properties, the overall sign size may not exceed 9 square feet in area.  There is no restriction to the number of signs allowed.

For commercial properties and residential properties exceeding one acre, signs cannot exceed 32 square feet in area; however, if a sign is greater than 16 square feet in area on those properties, a no-fee permit is required from the Village. No more than one political campaign sign of greater than 16 square feet is permitted per street frontage on these properties. 

See flyer with map and additional information

Recreational Vehicles (RVs)RVs are not permitted in front yard from November 1 through March 31. For more information, please view the RV handout (PDF) or read Section 94.04(P) of the Village Code.
Sidewalk obstructionThe ordinance requires the sidewalk be kept free of obstructions including branches up to seven feet above grade. For more information, read Section 94.05 (I) of the Village Code.
SignsPermits are required for most signs. Signs are allowed only on private property with the permission of the owner. For more information, read Section 153.204 of the Village Code.
TrucksCommercial vehicles having larger than a "B" plate are not permitted on residential property. For more information, read Section 94.04 (L) (I) of the Village Code.
Waste containers

Must be kept covered to prevent animal access, to prevent the items from being scattered, and to prevent the accumulation of stagnant water. For more information, read Section 94.04 (C) of the Village Code.